Mary Louise Cosmetics Testimonial

Men suffering from shaving scars

Men suffering from shaving scars, this is an investment to be made!

The serum absorbs very easily without making my skin feel heavy or oily. It's perfect for application at night and in the morning. I've been struggling with dark spots and shaving scars for a few years now and after using this serum for just over a week, i can see amazing improvements already! My skin tone is evening out and the scars are slowly fading. Men suffering from shaving scars, this is an investment to be made!

Mary Louise Cosmetics Testimonial

My Dark Spots Are Fading Away!

Highly Recommended

I've had stubborn scars from acne and sports for years and nothing worked. After using this serum, I say my scars and dark spots fade away within days. I've already recommended it to many of my friends!

Mary Louise Cosmetics Testimonial

“Honey…Let me just say”

Another Happy Customer

I received my package yesterday and used it last night on my face and honey let me just say this is the holy grail!! My face was never bad, I just have some stubborn black marks that did not want to fade away except for last night. After one use of this product I have already seen progress. I have always been skeptical when it comes to ordering facial products because everyone skin isn't the same but your product is the truth. You have a loyal customer and I will be ordering more stuff. Plus the shipping was fast.

Mary Louise Cosmetics Testimonial 2

Giiiiiirrrrlllll I used it ONE TIME

Just wanted to tell you a couple things

Hey. Just wanted to tell you a couple things. Firstly i got my serum finally and I'm sooooo glad I waited. My skins never been toooo "bad" but i've had some stubborn acne scars that wouldn't go away. Giiiiiirrrrlllll I used it ONE TIME over night under my moisturizer 😭 the scar is almost completely faded. Like. One more use and it will be gone faded. Saying all that to say thanks for being so nice about telling me when my order was gonna come. It made me a lot more optimistic about the product & your business. Will be buying A LOT more in the future!!!!  @kiefy

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