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    “Spill The Tea” Green Tea Facial Cleanser

    , $19.95

    Mary Louise Cosmetics has “Spilled The Tea” with its Green Tea Facial Cleanser.

    Get beautiful-looking skin with natural organic skin care. Renowned for its great antioxidant benefits, organic green tea helps create a purifying, cleansing experience in this non-foaming, deep cleaning, non-drying cleanser.

  • Mango Body Butter

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    Mango Body Butter


    Mary Louise has done it again! Mary Louise’s Mango Body Butter is a proprietary blend of organic mango butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and other natural ingredients. Mother Nature bestowed many gifts upon mankind—and she didn’t leave out skin care ingredients among her wonderful gifts. Mango butter delivers amazing benefits to the skin, and works to nourish and hydrate. And like all other Mary Louise Cosmetics products, ours is 100% natural and organic.

  • Mary Louise Miracle Serum

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    Mary Louise Miracle Serum

    , $24.99

    The “Triple Crown” of all anti-aging serums is finally here! A proprietary blend of Baobab oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin C come together synergistically to make Mary Louise Miracle Serum. The combination of these key ingredients can invigorate and promote healthy, radiant, and glowing skin. See for yourself why ours is one of the best organic skin care lines!

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    Miracle Serum + Mango Body Butter

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    Miracle Serum + Mango Butter Bundle

    , $43.98 $38.95

    Your skin deserves nothing but the best. With our Miracle Serum and Mango Body Butter Bundle, you’re giving your skin everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t. We use 100% all-natural organic ingredients to nourish your skin and leave out chemicals, additives, and dyes.

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    Miracle Serum + Mississippi Mud Bundle

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    Miracle Serum + Mississippi Mud Bundle

    , $49.90 $42.95

    Nothing beats skin that’s soft, smooth, and glowing. Dry skin is no longer an issue with our power duo of Miracle Serum and Mississippi Mud Facial Mask. All the ingredients we use are the purest and highest quality possible, making Mary Louise Cosmetics one of the best natural skin care brands. Shop us now!

  • Mary Louise Cosmetics

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    Mississippi Mud Facial Mask

    , $24.95

    The Mary Louise “Mississippi Mud Facial Mask” will give your skin the natural pampering it deserves. Your dry, flaky skin will love you for using this mixture of bentonite clay, raw oats, Rhassoul clay, marshmallow root, and an amazing cocktail of essential oils. This is your go-to mask for dry skin!

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    MLC 1-2-3 Bundle

    , , $70.89 $56.71

    Enjoy the amazing benefits of the Mary Louise Master Trio: the Green Tea Cleanser, Mississippi Mud Mask, and the famous Mary Louise Miracle Serum. Our all-natural face mask works in concert with the cleanser and serum to give you the most gorgeous glow possible. You will love our all-natural skincare products, which are even more potent as a set!


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    Mary Louise Cosmetics

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    Serum, Mango Butter and Mississippi Mud Bundle

    , , $68.89 $59.99

    Your skin has never felt softer! Treat your skin with the triple threat powerhouse of our Mary Louise Miracle Serum, Mango Body Butter, and Mississippi Mud Facial Mask. Exfoliate, treat, and moisturize your face with Mary Louise’s all-natural skincare products. This bundle is a luxurious indulgence, and will give you skin that’s touchable and glowing.