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  • Mary Louise Pumpkin Bundle

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    Pumpkin Bundle

    , $35.99

    Pumpkin like you’ve never seen it before. FALL in love this season & indulge in a rich blend of organic pumpkin, cranberry, and nutmeg while wearing your Pumpkinology Facial Mask by Mary Louise Cosmetics. TPumpkin is saturated in Vitamins A and C which give the skin a radiant glow and evened complexion. Zinc, which is naturally found in pumpkins, help to control hormone levels and aid in healing the skin…which makes it excellent for those who suffer from acne and acne scarring. This limited edition mask is the perfect addition to the Mary Louise family! If the smell alone doesn’t make you completely obsessed, the results surely will. The lip and eyes are both extremely sensitive areas where the skin can be delicate and dry easily. These areas require extra attention… and extra hydration.The sleek 2 oz bottle is the perfect size to take on the go! Infused with organic pumpkin, aloe, and calendula, this creme is packed with essential and natural essences that are ideal for fighting the dry weather this time of the year. Never be caught with dry flakey skin around your mouth and eyes ever again!

  • Mary Louise Pumpkin Trio

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    Pumpkin Facial Trio

    , , $45.99

    The Mary Louise Cosmetics Pumpkin Facial Trio is the perfect combination. If you’ve tried the MlC 1-2-3 bundle, then you’re sure to be obsessed with this new 3 step system. Adding the miracle serum to your Pumpkinology set will guarantee smooth and radiant skin even in the harshest of weather. These portable items are the perfect size to carry anywhere. Never be caught with dry flakey skin ever again!