The Benefits of Raw Honey for the Skin

Raw honey has multiple benefits for the body overall, but it’s particularly wonderful for the skin. It has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, which makes it an effective all natural skin care ingredient.

Mary Louise Cosmetics uses raw organic honey as one of our trusted ingredients. We believe in using the freshest, purest, all natural organic ingredients in our skin care products, and not adding anything that is harsh on the skin or that isn’t healthy for your body. You won’t find parabens, synthetic ingredients, or other sulfates. Our “Spill the Tea” Green Tea Facial Cleanser has raw honey as one of its ingredients. Shop our selection of all natural skin care products today!

Antibacterial Properties

Raw honey is naturally antibacterial, which is great for those who have acne, rashes, or who have scars that are healing. Keeping sensitive skin protected from harmful bacteria will allow it to heal much quicker. Using it as a preventative measure to stop the formation of acne is also a benefit of using it. Those who have rosacea, large pores, eczema, and other issues will likely find great relief with honey.Mary Louise Cosmetics

Antioxidant Properties

Raw honey contains powerful antioxidants, which can combat the signs of aging, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, and more. By using a natural skin care product that contains honey, such as our “Spill the Tea” Green Tea Facial Cleanser, you’re taking a positive step toward nourishing your skin with this powerful ingredient. You will find that your skin feels smoother, lighter, and has a glow that you’ll love looking at.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

If you’re faced with acne and other skin issues, you want to find a way to reduce the swelling and redness. Dark, puffy circles under your eyes can make you appear tired and can be tough to get rid of. Honey’s natural anti-inflammatory properties can help to combat these issues. By washing twice a day with our “Spill the Tea” Green Tea Facial Cleanser you’ll benefit from the natural, gentle properties of honey, with the added benefit of green tea, which is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

Moisturizing Properties

Using lotion as part of your skin care regimen is a given. But what’s in that lotion can make a huge difference. Some lotions on the market are actually drying to the skin, which is exactly what you want to avoid! Further, some cleansers can strip the skin of beneficial oils and cause drying that even the best moisturizers can’t combat. Honey helps to moisturize the skin, and because it is one of the main ingredients in our cleanser, you’re getting your routine off to a fabulous start!

Your skin is a precious organ that needs to be well taken care of. When you use our “Spill the Tea” Green Tea Facial Cleanser that contains raw honey, green tea extract, vitamins A, B5, and C, and witch hazel distillate, you’re taking an important step toward nurturing your skin and preserving its health.

Mary Louise Cosmetics is an all natural organic skin care company dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Shop with us now!